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Traveling to Europe? Insurance is mandatory!

When going on a trip abroad, many travelers carefully choose a hotel in a foreign country and at the same time pay very little attention to insurance.  Most frequently, when choosing an insurer, potential clients ask one question - how much is travel insurance - without paying attention to its content and limitations. Note: the lower the cost of the policy gives the less insurance coverage and the lower financial protection of the tourist.

Traveling to Europe? Insurance is mandatory!

Experienced travelers and UTI experts advise:

1) pay attention to the amount of insurance coverage (the standard insured amount for EU countries - from EUR 30,000, and if you travel to the USA, Japan, Australia, it is recommended to buy a tourists insurance program from USD 50,000);

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2) study the options specified in the program. There are basic, standard and extended travel insurances - their price varies depending on the availability of additional services. Thus, standard health travel insurance usually includes emergency assistance (outpatient and inpatient treatment + medical expenses), transportation to the clinic and transportation of the victim to their home country (if necessary). Separately you can insure an accident, flight delays, as well as in case of forced cancellation of the trip; UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance - offers Comfort, Elite and VIP insurance options, which differ in terms and conditions of insurance payments.

3) understand the differences in service and indemnity policies. Service travel insurance implies that all services will be organized and paid by the insurance company on-site. When choosing an indemnity program, the tourist will have to take care of the medical assistance in a foreign country himself, and then, upon arrival, he can rely on indemnification from the insurer. The latter must refund the funds spent on the basis of the submitted documents (checks);

4) agree on the length of the trip - the term of insurance depends on this. In some countries, there are individual guidelines on the policy terms. Some require that insurance be issued only for the period of stay in the country, others insist that the policy extends for an additional 15 days. Call our call center by +38044 239-88-23 and our consultants will prompt you to execute the document properly.

Car insurance for a travel abroad needs particular attention: for car travel to EU countries a special Green Card policy will be required. Such program provides tourists with financial protection in the event of an accident in a foreign country. To get an answer to the question about the cost of insurance for car travel abroad, you must specify the type of vehicle, the country of travel and the period of in it.

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Travel insurance: advantages

The money spent on the policy is a fee for your ease. The best part is that the cost of insurance for traveling abroad is very modest compared with the probable cost of treatment in Europe.

Referring for the simplest medical care, you will be forced to spend at least EUR 20-30 (and this is the cost of the basic insurance program). More serious cases are already estimated in hundreds and even thousands of dollars/euro. If you are  insured, it will cover all these costs.

Moreover, remember that you will be in a foreign country with its own rules and where people speak a different language, so communication is complicated. A reliable assistant in a difficult situation will be the UTI representative, to whom you will have to refer immediately in case of an insured event.

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For more detailed consultations, you can contact the UTI Center - Ukrainian Travel Insurance. We work for you round-the-clock 7 days a week.

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