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TOP-4 problems tourists experience in Europe

When planning a trip to Europe, which is, of course, one of the most peaceful and safe destinations, tourists should be aware of vigilance and caution. Even in a civilized country you can get into a difficult situation. And if we cannot prevent all undesired events, it is possible to minimize their consequences (at least in financial terms) - thanks to such service as travel insurance.

TOP-4 problems tourists experience in Europe

Going to sunny Naples, turquoise island of Crete, surrealistic Barcelona, ​​romantic Paris or picturesque Prague, take travel insurance for with you. It will be useful not only for extreme sport lovers.

What problems are most often experienced by the tourists abroad?


Of course, travelers who have chosen active leisure, for example, skiing, cycling, mountain tourism or various water activities (diving, surfing), see traumatologists most often. In such cases, it is necessary to purchase extended medical insurance when traveling abroad (Amateur Sports program) - its price is higher than in the standard program, but there will definitely be no financial difficulties during the treatment of joint and ligament injuries.

But even those who go overseas to admire foreign cultural monuments or laze on local beaches are not protected from accidental damage. Solar burns, dislocations, stretching, frostbite, everyday injuries - all this is covered by the travel insurance.

Particular attention is required for injuries related to road accidents. The tourist may be the culprit and the victim of the event - in any case, he will have to bear significant financial costs. The cost of treatment may be covered by medical travel insurance, and in order not to reimburse the other participants of the accident at your own expense, the driver needs a car insurance for traveling abroad (if you travel by a personal car).

According to various estimates, on average, injuries of various degrees of gravity account for about a quarter of all insured events.

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Food poisoning

When studying the conditions of various travel insurance programs, which can be arranged online on website  UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance , pay attention to diseases of the digestive system. They represent a slightly lower percentage of insurance claims compared to injuries (approximately 20-22%).

Although there are no such exotic gastronomic offers in Europe, as in Asia or in African countries, and the quality of products is much higher, there are many cases of food poisoning here too. Frequently, the problems arise through the fault of the tourists themselves - due to excessive consumption of alcohol, violation of the hygiene rules and food storage conditions.

Gastrointestinal tract disorder may also occur:

  •  - due to changes in diet and daily menu (for example, disorders are observed in people who are very fond of eating oysters, crustaceans and other seafood);
  •  - due to improper combination of products.

Regardless of the cause of illness, having a travel insurance policy at hand, one can rely on high-quality medical care in expensive European clinics.

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Up to 10% of insurance cases are associated with various allergic reactions. The latter can occur in response to odours, bites, food. Children suffer from allergies most often, which are usually manifested in the form of rashes, edema, sneezing and fever.

Although the largest number of such complaints arises during a holiday in exotic countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, there are a number of referrals of tourists in the European Union. Therefore, when planning a trip to Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries, make sure you have health insurance for traveling abroad, the price of which depends on the list of insured risks, including this disease.

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Colds, infections

Surprisingly, symptoms of colds are often the leader among all insured events, which are usually associated with abrupt changes in the climate, as well as with overcooling or overheating. Depending on the patient's condition, the treatment of ARI, flu or sore throat in the EU (taking into account the cost of calling for emergency care) is costly (in Germany, for example, it may cost EUR 500). If you have travel insurance, the price of medicine and doctor’s appointment does not matter for you - the insurance company will pay the costs.

In addition to the above-mentioned insured events, dental problems and heart trouble may be the cause of a visit to a doctor. Usually, the higher the price of travel insurance, the more insured risks it covers. The children and the elderly traditionally need the biggest protection.

In case you have an insurance policy, UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance - will take care of your treatment. If you do not have insurance - you will have to pay for medical care yourself.

For more detailed consultations, you can contact the UTI Center - Ukrainian Travel Insurance. We work for y ou round-the-clock 7 days a week.

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