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How we assist insured tourists abroad

If you have planned a trip to one of the EU countries in the near future, take care of yourself and your dear ones: choose the UTI (Ukrainian Travel Insurance) travel insurance program most suitable for your type of holiday.

How we assist insured tourists abroad

A long trip always involves a certain risk, but you can minimize the possible financial costs related to it.

In case of problems in a foreign country, the tourist can rely on himself only. For example, in the case of an unexpected illness in the Schengen area, the traveler will have to seek and pay for medical aid himself, and the cost of doctor services are European here.

UTI (Ukrainian Travel Insurance) travel insurance will help to save the situation.

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In addition to the medical options in the policy, you can include other risks: accidents, luggage loss or damage, risk of non-departure (for example, if on the last day there were insurmountable circumstances due to which you could not go on vacation, the insurer will return the money spent on trip arrangements).

When buying a policy, many are limited to one question:  how much is insurance for a trip abroad? In this case, tourists often forget to specify what risks it covers and what to do in the insured event. Find out what should be done in the event of an emergency and what a traveler insured in a reliable company can expect.

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What he tourist should do?

1. To avoid confusion in the difficult situation, study the terms of the contract and ask the consultant of our company in advance by the telephone number  +38 044 239-88-23.

Remember that travel insurance, whose price for each tourist will vary depending on the parameters set, should always be at hand (electronic document is the most convenient).

2. Immediately after the occurrence of an insured event, contact a UTI (Ukrainian Travel Insurance) representative. Forms of communication and the call-center number are indicated in the contract.

Think in advance about how you will stay in touch abroad. You may need to purchase a local mobile operator card. Please note that there are limitations on the time of informing of an emergency, usually 2 days from the date of the event. The Insurer shall be provided your name and policy number, as well as described the essence of the problem. After that the consultant will tell in detail what to do (the instructions in different situations and different countries will differ).

3. Sometimes a client who has a travel insurance contract in his hands cannot contact his insurer and is forced to seek a way out of the situation and pay for services in local clinics (this is the case, for example, due to a temporary unavailability of communication) In such situations, it is necessary to collect all the documents which will help to receive indemnity payments in the future.

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How does UTI – Ukrainian Travel Insurance - work?

1. Contract for insurance services is concluded and paid in the your home state (in the contry the insured person is a citizen). UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance – undertakes to organize work with local clinics and other services. By calling the call center by the number indicated in the travel insurance policy for traveling abroad you will be contacted by the consultants responsible for solving your problem.

2. We will provide detailed consultation in a language that is understandable to you and resolve all issues related to the doctor's appointment and payment for his services (if this is medical insurance for traveling abroad). 

3.  Various insured events and various types of insurance have their own algorithm of actions. If the client is able to move independently, we will send him to the nearest clinic, otherwise we will arrange a call of the relevant services on site (ambulance or emergency service). If necessary, we will also provide and pay for the evacuation and transportation of the tourist to his homeland. Depending on the terms of a health insurance contract for traveling abroad, costs may be paid on actual basis on site or reimbursed to the client upon his return to Ukraine.

We welcome travelers who are going in Europe: the EU is one of the safest tourist destinations, so the total number of appeals among policyholders does not exceed 5%. But since nobody knows if he enters this toll, it is better to spend a small sum on travel insurance (you can buy a policy online) and go on holiday without anxiety.

For more detailed consultations, you can contact the UTI Center - Ukrainian Travel Insurance. We work for you round-the-clock 7 days a week.

Call the number +38 050 412 77 79 and ask your questions!