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How much does treatment in Europe cost without insurance: reviews

People who have repeatedly traveled for recreation or for business do not care about whether to get travel insurance or not. Of course, you should get it. Experienced tourists are well-informed about the cost of medical services in western countries, so they prefer to spend several dollars per policy, than to think where to take hundreds of dollars in case of unexpected disease.

How much does treatment in Europe cost without insurance: reviews

For the sake of justice we shall note: Europe is one of the safest places, so you can go on vacation many times and weekly and never use insurance services. But practice shows that it is better to have health travel insurance. Let it remain unused rather than lack it when it is needed urgently. Here are just a few real life examples when this important document was needed.

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Visit to orthopedist: injuries

Family couple was on vacation in Germany. During one of walks, the wife accidentally injured her fingers on one leg, so  she had to turn to the UTI CALL CENTER.

15 minutes after the call, the client was contacted and informed the clinic address to which she had to go. There, the injured was arranged an appointment with an orthopedist, had an X-ray (it turned out that there was no break) and drank the ointment. All treatment cost EUR 335, which was paid at the expense of travel insurance.

During a bicycle ride in Norway, Olga P. fell from a bicycle and hurt her elbow badly, due to which she had to go to the hospital. The examination and treatment of the injury cost her almost NOK 800 paid by the insurance company.

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Visit to otolaryngologist: Infection in a child

A family with a 8-year-old girl came to Austria for vacation. On the third day of travel abroad, the child complained of malaise, at night she had a fever and they had to seek medical help. On advice of  UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance - clients referred to the clinic, where the girl was examined by a pediatrician and otolaryngologist. Experts sent the patient to the tests and prescribed antipyretics. After the examination, an infection was detected and treatment was prescribed. After 2 days the child recovered. The cost of the girl’s treatment was about EUR 550. All expenses were covered by the policy.

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Visit to a surgeon: with and without insurance

During a vacation in Spain, Mykola M. had acute stomachache at night. After call to UTI - Ukrainian Travel Insurance  he referred to a hospital where he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. The patient was hospitalized for 7 days. During this time he was examined and prescribed treatment (drops, tips, pills). The total health bill was over EUR 7.5 thousand, all of which was covered by the travel insurance.

Paul S., resting in Poland, fell and broke his leg in two places. He had to pay almost PLN 30 thousand for treatment at his own expense, because he had no insurance policy.

Why not save on insurance?

There are plenty of cases when tourists received assistance under health travel insurance. The price of the policy cannot be equal to the cost of medical services. Price of basic insurance programs  – from EUR/USD 15, while the cost of doctor's services in the EU countries - from EUR/USD  35, and the doctor's call on site - from EUR/USD 100.

The fastest and easiest way is to order travel insurance online through UTI website - you buy a policy for one person, and for the whole family or a group of people.

For more detailed consultations, you can contact the UTI Center - Ukrainian Travel Insurance. We work for you round-the-clock 7 days a week.

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